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We provide a comprehensive list of services regarding all aspects of House Purchase & Construction matters. Call us now on 0151 639 0617 to discuss your requirements and we will be able to provide you with a free competitive quotation for our professional services.

  Roof recovering
It is now a legal requirement to have your roof inspected prior to recovering works.

Concrete tiles can be up to three times heavier than slates, particularly as the tiles are porous and absorb water. [See extract from Part A] Our Roof Surveys check the condition and the structural capacity of the existing members and fully detail any strengthening that may be required.

  Organise & Schedule
We provide a full Project Management service including JCT Contract administration.

Whether you are a well established Property Developer or you are new to the topic, having the works fully itemised and scheduled
by us will enable you to make the right financial choices, will allow you to get on with other projects or 'just your life' and help the works run smoothly.

Extract from sample report
  Structural Inspections
Whether you have been asked to obtain a structural report within your valuation report or you just want peace of mind.
Please call 0151 639 0617 to discuss your requirements

Our Structural Inspection Reports will identify significant structural defects prevalent within the property or scrutinise and report on any specific defects that may have been highlighted. The cause of the defect will be identified or other investigations advised and either a full repair specification will be provided or elements of further design work outlined.

  Inspection of Works
Identifying defects and
arranging repairs is all
well and good, But if the
repairs are not carried out
as specified, then this will
cause problems.

Ensure that the works are undertaken exactly as designed and specified by arranging for a Completion of Works Certificate to be issued. This provides confirmation that the works have been properly undertaken and give peace of mind to all parties.

  Structural Design
Whether you are constructing a new building or carrying out alterations or refurbishment

Getting accurate / clear plans can save money
every time. We also produce the essential
background documents that are required for Building Regulation approval such as structural
calculations and all form filling etc

  Subsidence exploration
The cause/s of foundation movement need/s to be properly identified in order that the correct rectification measures can be applied.

We can undertake full investigations including the excavation of trial holes, crack monitoring, level monitoring and CCTV drainage surveys.

We can also organise soil & root laboratory testing if required. We will then report our findings, liaise with your insurance company should that be required and give precise recommendations to safeguard your property.

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