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  Structural Inspections
cracking above archway There are many reasons why a Structural Inspection Report is required. Either such a report has been requested following a valuation report by a Surveyor or Home Inspector acting for a Bank or Building Society, or a buyer is concerned with some defects he / she has seen on a property they are purchasing or a home owner has noticed cracking or other defects within their home.

Whichever it is, Kriss Cringle Associates will provide a fast, efficient and concise service. We endeavour to visit the property as soon as practical, usually within two to three days and can get the report back in a similar timescale. A 24 hour service is available, however, there is a premium rate attached to this facility. Our fees are competitive and start from as little as £200 including VAT for a standard visual inspection. Once complete, the report can be e-mailed to you straight away in Adobe PDF format and / or faxed to you or other parties. A further 2 copies will also be sent via snail mail.

There are many structural defects that can arise within a property and each can cause varying levels and types of damage. Each defect requires careful appraisal to enable the most appropriate repair specification to be formulated. Some examples of common symptoms of structural movement are listed below:-
cracking due to lack of lintel
• Structural cracking, either within brickwork or through render / plaster
• Excessive deflection or lack of lintels above openings
• Floor slab settlement, creating gaps under skirtings
• Bulging or bowing of walls, typically at floor levels
• Cracking around bay windows

Occasionally the evidence is not conclusive and further investigations may be required. e.g suspected defective drainage. If this were the case then we would advise additional reports / investigations and can either carry out the additional works ourselves or can recommend appropriate qualified specialists to undertake the tasks. Contact us now to arrange an inspection. If you have a valuation, homebuyers or home condition report, have that with you when you call.

  Structural Alterations
Enlarging existing opening If you are contemplating undertaking any structural alterations within your property, then you must submit a Building Regulations application. Even if the alterations only involve knocking two rooms into one or enlarging a window opening, a full Building Regulations application or Building Notice is usually required.

The application must be accompanied by Structural Calculations, drawings and details which demonstrate that the design complies with the requirements of the approved documents of the Building Regulations. Applications to the Local Council Building Control Departments can be in two forms; 1) Full Plans or 2) Building Notice. The difference between the two is that a completion certificate is not normally given with the Building Notice. The Local Authority require a fee to be paid for all applications see Metropolitan Borough of Wirral, or Ellesmere Port & Neston, or Liverpool Council or Chester City Council web sites for further details.

Kriss Cringle Associates can visit your property to discuss your ideas or proposals and advise upon the structural aspects of your requirements and recommend the best solution to meet your needs. Contact us now to arrange a visit and we will measure up to produce the plans and structural calculations.

  Architectural Designs
Internal design section When contemplating changes or additions to your property getting good Architectural advice is essential. Having the right concept, planning and detailing will always save you money and time in the long run because everyone is clear from the start and all the angles are covered. We have experienced and qualified staff who can talk through your ideas and we can produce the drawings and details that enable Planning permission and Building Regulation approval to be obtained. Contact us now to organise a meeting.
Detailed Plans3D visualisations

  Roof recovering works / Sagging roofs
Technical drawings From 1st June 1992 it has been a legal requirement to submit a Building Regulations application for any roof recovering works which require any strengthening / alteration of the existing roof structure. See News. It is not always obvious whether an application is required and therefore we advise that a Structural Roof Inspection is undertaken in all cases where recovering works are contemplated.

In some cases roof recovering works using a heavier material have already been undertaken unofficially and this has been highlighted during a property sale. A roof inspection should be undertaken in those cases to make sure no overstressing or damage has occurred.

Our Roof Inspections involve a close examination of the structural roof elements, in order to carry out a structural appraisal (including detailed assessment calculations) to establish the suitability of the members to support the proposed loading and also includes for the design and detailing of any strengthening or augmentation works that may be necessary in order to ensure compliance with current Building Regulations, including the production of a detailed report and any calculations and drawings that may be required. Prices start from £250 including VAT. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

  Subsidence Investigations
If foundation movement is suspected within a property, then the only way to discover the exact cause is to undertake a Site Investigation. This involves the excavation of trial holes to expose foundations / footings in the suspected area and will establish the condition of the supporting ground. The investigation will identify any external influences which may be aggravating the problem and will also establish the extent of this through the use of CCTV surveys of underground drainage systems and also laboratory soil or root analysis if found necessary.

The Investigation will also provide a basis to enable the correct rectification measures to be adopted should that be ultimately required. Usually subsidence is covered under normal Building Insurance cover, (subject to normal policy excess) and your Insurer will need to be contacted to initiate a claim. We will guide you through the process, contact your insurance company and liaise with any loss adjusters or insurance representatives to ensure your interests are upheld. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

Ground Investigations
Special foundations We can undertake small scale ground investigations for domestic house builds or extensions ourselves. These investigations are invaluable and should be undertaken prior to any building scheme as they expose the likely ground conditions which will be encountered during the actual construction works. On occasion they reveal ground conditions which require specialised foundation design, however, it is always best to have this information prior to actually starting on site and will save money in the long run. Contact us now to discuss your project

We can arrange for larger scale ground investigation works through associate companies.

  Contract Administration
We provide a full turnkey service which encompasses all the management elements within a project. From preparing detailed Schedule of Works or Bills of Quantities, Contract preparation, sending out contract documentation for competitive tendering including site meetings with prospective contractors through to tender analysis / appointment.

We would also be available to administer any alteration or revisions to the works / contract and advise upon stage payments and final accounts etc.

  Inspection of Works
We provide a service which can be implemented following our report or design functions which includes for inspection of any specified works to ensure they are carried out in accordance with our requirements and all relevant British Standards and Building Regulations. Upon successful completion we will issue a 'Completion of Works Certificate' to confirm that we are satisfied with the works.

Our service involves visiting the site at various critical stages and includes for advising and assisting contractors in their tasks. It is usual for Surveyors undertaking Home Condition Reports / Valuation surveys to insist on such 'Completion Certificates' as part of the conditions within their reports. We have full professional indemnity insurance to carry out such tasks and issue certificates, including newly built properties in accordance with The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML)requirements.

  Building Works on or near Party Walls
The Party Wall Etc Act, which was enacted in 1996, makes it a legal requirement for all building owners to formally notify adjacent owners in writing of any major repair or alteration works on or near the party wall or boundary of their property. The adjoining owners can then comment or object to the works. Although complicated on the surface, the Act is a framework to avoid disputes between neighbours and if approached sensibly should not hamper the proposed works.

A building owner has the responsibility to comply with The Party Wall Etc Act and as such should appoint a party wall surveyor to advise and issue / administer all legal notices. Kriss Cringle Associates can undertake these tasks on your behalf. Our fees for this work would be dependant upon the works required, please Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

Should a dispute arise the adjoining owner has the right to appoint a second party wall surveyor to act on their behalf. You must bear in mind that it is normal for the person wishing to undertake the works to be responsible for payment of all fees including your neighbours surveyor. The full Party Wall Etc Act 1996 can be viewed or downloaded from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister's web site at Further information about the Act can also be obtained from

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