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Kriss Cringle Associates are an innovative and fresh construction & structural
engineering practice who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to all
our projects. We pride ourselves in providing a fast and efficient service and
strive to find the most practical and economic solution for any task.
Call us now on 0151 639 0617 for free professional advice (mon-fri 9-5)

Floor joist sizing
Good Design can
save time & money & provides an efficient solution within new build or alteration work.

Kriss Cringle Associates can deliver robust
and economic designs, either Architectural or
Structural and provide you with all the
drawings, details and calculations necessary
to acquire Building Regulation approval. Our
design work provides peace of mind and
ensures your property is safe and secure.

The drawings can then also be used to obtain
cost estimates from suitable contractors or
be incorporated into a Building Works
Contract under our Contract Administration facilities if you want tighter control over costings. See Services or click more for
further details.

Sara Williams
Homebuyer - WIRRAL

My mortgage valuation report
advised that I should obtain a
Structural Report to comment on
the causes of cracking at the rear of my new home. Kriss Cringle
Associates were able to carry out
an inspection virtually straight
away and provide a report and
cost estimates that put my mind at
rest and enabled me to re-
negotiate with the vendor.


Structural Inspection Reports Roof Surveys Site Investigations
Structural Reports
All our reports are clear, free from jargon and give
you the information you need to make the right
decision, either during the buying / selling process or
if defects come to light during normal ownership.

Our reports include the following:- Structural Inspection Reports (following mortgage valuations or for insurance purposes) Roof surveys (prior to recovering -see news-) Site Investigations (to establish ground
conditions or the cause of foundation movement).
To obtain free advice about the survey best suited to
your needs call us on 0151 639 0617(Mon - Fri 9:00am - 5:30pm) or following the link to find out more

Approved Contractors
Our approved contractors carry all the necessary
liability insurances and are affiliated to the major trade
associations. They are willing to provide an insurance backed guarantee relating to their work under the FMB
MasterBond Warranty Scheme.

Wall Tie Federation FMB web site

Our main approved contractor is Straight Line Structural Repair Specialists Ltd. They can provide quotations on all structural works and any other general building works. They can also provide Timber & Damp Surveys and Cavity Wall Tie inspection reports. They can be contacted on 0151 639 8317 or by visiting their web site at

Our approved Drainage Contractor is Peninsula Drain
Services their services include CCTV surveys,
drainage unblocking and any drainage repair or
replacement works. Contact Wirral Drains on 0151 678 6765

House Buying / Selling
From 2007 the
law regarding house buying / selling will change dramatically.

From this date anyone wishing to sell their home must put together a Home
Information Pack for potential home
buyers. The Pack will bring together all of
the key information needed at the start of
the home buying and selling process and
will include a report called a 'Home Condition Report' or HCR.

The content of HCR will similar to that of
the current RICS Home Buyers Report
with a few additions such as condition
ratings and thermal performance criteria.
Although, as far as we are aware the HC
reports will not give any detailed
recommendations regarding structural
matters and independent structural reports
will still be called for.

Roof re-covering
The Building
Regulations 1992 & 2004 Part A Structure
has been updated.

It has been a legal requirement since 1992 to submit a Building Regulations application
when you recover the roof to your
property. This application should be
accompanied by a structural inspection
report which confirms the suitability of the
existing structure, or provides full details
and calculations of any proposals for strengthening or otherwise upgrading of the roof structure.

The updated information within the Approved document amends the weight classification for re-covering works.
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